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Meteorite Day

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Control your ship with right or left arrows(or with arrows on your display) and destroy meteorites by shooting from tour blaster.

Pirate Blast

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At the start of the game you'll see your cannon at the bottom left corner of the screen, and crosshairs located slightly to the right and above the cannon. The angle between the cannon and the crosshairs will determin...

Action Platformer

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Drag and drop new levels and enemies. 3 enemy types with custom AI and adjustable attack parameters Mech – Fires when alterted with adjustable line of sight per enemy instance. Patrolling – Walks back and forth and...

Hungry Bob

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Hungry Bob is a game, where you need to put the little balls into the mouth of the turning head. The eaten balls will reappear in the game. The more balls will Bob eat, the higher score you’ll get. You can buy the bal...

Princess Goldblade and the Dangerous Waters

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In a magical world far away, there is an island where Trinks live, very friendly creatures. They have the loyalty of his courageous Princess Goldblade. It protects from all dangers. Something terrible has happened...

Platformer – Tox Inc.

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Tox Inc. is a chemical company run by a greedy CEO who is withholding a serum that can save a small town quickly turning into Zombies. Our hero, Walter, must make his way through the factory before its too late.

Zombie Invasion

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Zombie Invasion is a survival game. survive the zombie horde as long as possible avoiding them from crossing the bridge. Each zombie that escapes you damages your energy bar. Be careful not to hit the runaway survival...


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Zero Hour! Time had come, the end of the world is near. You have to control a mech US-Army sergeant. Maya Robotics are destroying the great cities of America. Come on it’s your turn - you must stop them!

War Game

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Mouse slide to select the soldier - Control the soldier to run and fire destroy the enemy.

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